Summertime (Take it away, Miss Ella!)

Game Dice

by Artemis Greenleaf



And the children are restless

Chutes and Ladders

And lots of Lego.


Oh, we read out loud

Now my voice is so croaky

A book full of stories

All about ghosts.


Maybe in evening

And sweet kids lie dreaming

I’ll make my word count

And edit my podcast


But until that evening

A dinner needs cooking

Tired daddy comes home hungry and frazzled



Children are busy

Swimming lessons

And playdates with friends


Time flashes past

Deadlines a hurtlin’ by

So little children,

What game is next?

About Artemis Greenleaf

Artemis Greenleaf has devoured fairy tales, folk tales and ghost stories since before she could read. Artemis did, in fact, marry an alien and she lives in the suburban wilds of Houston, Texas with her husband, two children and assorted pets. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and her work has appeared in magazines and as novels. For more information, please visit

4 thoughts on “Summertime (Take it away, Miss Ella!)

  1. I used to love summertime with the slower schedule when the kids were little. Lots of activities, but no homework or research projects! Loved it! Yes, as Ellen R said, the time goes really quickly.

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