Happy New Year from the Space City Scribes

New Year

 (by K.C. Maguire)

Here it is. The last blog post for 2014 from your friendly neighborhood scribes.

Looking back on the year, we asked ourselves what our New Year’s Resolutions should be for 2015 and, unsurprisingly, writing more, writing better and revising kept coming up on our lists.

Here’s some of the other things we resolved to do with ourselves in 2015.

  • Monica and Mandy both resolved to win more writing bets against each other. Should be fun to watch!
  • Monica’s also planning to write a “dude” novel and work on her illustration skills. She could practice illustrating dudes!
  • Artemis is planning to learn fencing. Maybe Mandy could give her some pointers (no pun intended … well, maybe)
  • Mandy very sensibly resolved to set more achievable goals for herself, while at the same time resolving to workout, play more, read more and win those writing bets. Good luck with achievability!
  • Ellen L. is going to look for an illustrator to work with in the future which seems to gel nicely with Monica’s resolutions. Monica, meet Ellen. Ellen, Monica. Go for it! Ellen’s also going to WRITE EVERY DAY. (And so say all of us.)
  • Ellen R. is going to eat less and exercise more as well as writing weekly. I’m right there with her.
  • And what am I going to do? Well, I’m not going to finish my MFA but hopefully will finish at least a draft of a YA novel. I want to be a better writer, mother and generally a good person. But if that all gets too difficult, I want to find myself a nice open fireplace with a stack of books and lose myself in the narrative!

What’s everyone else planning? Can writers ever come up with resolutions that don’t involve writing more and writing better? Probably not. Maybe we should all take up fencing instead? Probably easier AND less dangerous to our psyches.

Tai chi anyone?

Happy New Year

From the Space City Scribes



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