Celebrate World Read Aloud Day!

It’s World Read Aloud Day today! What? You haven’t heard? Well, it’s a really cool event where people across the globe get together and read stories to kids to encourage both the oral story telling tradition and literacy.

With this in mind, some of us decided to share our kid stories with you. We hope you enjoy them!


Mandy Broughton

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I love mysteries. I have three of them. I love sci-fi. I have a story or two or five. And I love overacting (hint: watch the video to the end). I’m reading chapter 1: A flying saucer lands in my backyard. It’s from my second story: The Case of the Flying Saucer (#2). This is how I present at school visits. It’s okay to laugh AT me, my kids do all the time.

I usually have an ebook or short story for free on my web-site. Check it out… Hey! I believe the first story, Cream Cape and the Case of the Missing Hamster (#1), is free right now.

Thanks for watching my video. Please tip your servers on the way out.




Artemis Greenleaf

Ghosts. Supernatural creatures. If it is likely to appear on CryptoMundo, I’ve probably written about it. I read a few pages from my ghost story, Earthbound.

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16 thoughts on “Celebrate World Read Aloud Day!

    • It’s why we are a TEAM, everyone using her talents, or, in my case, volume to help the group.

      Monica leads us well and Artemis is always ready to dress up for a great cause.

      • I was wondering if a flying SAUCER had gotten ahold of you or if you were SAUCED when you made that video. I’m still trying to decide. It was quite entertaining.

  1. Great reading. Love it.
    Monica, you should give the dog a treat from your Easter basket .
    Mandy, I believe in Aliens. I live with one of them and it’s not easy.
    Elena Lelia

    • Funny you should say that, Elena. I actually put cheese in all of the Easter eggs and gave them to the dogs when I was done filming! They both were so good – the one on camera and the one off, who waited patiently in the wings.

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