St. Patrick’s Day Post

by Mandy Broughton

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I usually focus my posts on writing and helps thereof. But today, I thought I would embrace my reader side and ye ole St. Patrick.

St. Patrick was an interesting fellow. Tons have been written and said about him and I won’t rehash it here (do I hear sighs of relief?). But I thought I would share a favorite video and a good book.

The best video about St. Patrick comes from the theologically-sound vegetables, VeggieTales.

But what about the reader part? Steven Lawhead wrote an interesting book called Patrick Son of Ireland. It’s not terribly accurate historically (can you say “literary license”) but it’s still a good book. And check out some of Mr. Lawhead’s other books. I enjoyed The King Raven Trilogy: a Robin Hood adventure. And Empyrion, Mr. Lawhead’s foray into science-fiction, was the first book I ever read by him. I loved it.


I hoped you enjoyed the video. Find a good book and read it. And I hope you are wearing green.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

About mandybroughton

I write mysteries and sci-fi for kids and adults. Give me a character and I'll find the best way to put her in a mystery. Or kill her off. Depends on my mood.

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