Let The Games Begin ….

I’ve noticed lately a lot of YA books billed as “The Hunger Games meets [fill in the blank]”.

It seems that ever since the amazing success of that book, now movie, series there’s been an obsession with dangerous reality games in the YA space.

Now, I tend to really LIKE these books so I don’t know that I’m complaining about the trend, but I have read a lot of them lately and I wonder if we could do without books that are about fights to the death between young people?

Two of the most recent books I’ve read in this genre are “Throne of Glass” (Sarah J. Maas) the first in a fantasy series involving a lead character who is a dangerous assassin, and “Vault of Dreamers” (Caragh O’Brien) about a contest to win a permanent place at a dangerous boarding school for artistically gifted children – the losers of the contest tend to end up dead much of the time. I enjoyed both books and I also enjoyed The Hunger Games, The Selection and a bunch of other books involving weird and creepy contests between kids.

But it did get me to thinking how far we can take the idea.

Then I started thinking of my own kids and what sorts of contests I’d like to see them win.

How about a contest for doing the chores or doing homework, or doing something nice for mom and dad?

Probably that wouldn’t sell millions of copies in novel form but it may put a smile on my face!



4 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin ….

  1. It’s really a shame that “nice” stories are no longer in vogue for tweens/teens. I tend to think it’s a bellwether for our increasingly aggressive society. Of course, as I write this, I’m chapter-deep in writing my next murder mystery. Ah…hypocrisy!

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