My top 10 list of summer fun

by Mandy Broughton

Summer is my absolute favorite season. I thought I’d list my family’s top 10 favorite activities to do this sunny time of year.

  1. SWIM

We will only swim in swimming pools, lakes, and oceans. Okay, truth be told, the kids will splash around with a sprinkler and a mud hole as well.

Fun idea: each summer my sister-in-law and her neighbors band together and rent an inflatable water slide for the kids to enjoy. Why wait for a party? Let everyone join in and get one together.

  1. READ

We love to go to the library and bookstore. We’re constantly on the search for new books but we love to reread old favorites. I’m currently in the middle of Sir Authur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. It’s not related to Jurassic Park but, hey, dinosaurs.

Fun idea: take a favorite series and reread it backwards. Love Harry Potter? Start with book 7 and read each book in descending order. It’s interesting what new things we can find even with our familiar standbys.


Who doesn’t love movies? The kids and I try to hit the movie theater regularly. Many theaters have free shows or discounted kid shows. And, of course, new ones are always coming out. We loved The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Fun idea: take the time to watch old classics with the family. For the first time, my kids watched Apollo 13, Jurassic Park, and Tremors (I LOVE TREMORS). Go even older with serious classics, That Darn Cat, Forbidden Planet, and The Blob (Steve McQueen). They want to watch Jaws but I think I’ll save that for wintertime.

  1. TV shows

Netflix. Need I say more? Psych. The Adventure of Lois and Clark. Smallville. Watch an entire series in one week. What a great time to be alive!

Fun idea: watch a show on mute and do your best Mystery Science Theater (MST3K) voiceover. I’m in the lead—we watched US men’s volleyball and my commentary was MUCH better than any ole sports expert.

  1. Make a list

Summer is the time to do projects, clean house, remodel, or just be lazy. Sometimes we need the rest. Make a list—but then feel free to adjust it or ignore it.

Fun idea: make a list of fun things to do with the family. Take in a sports game. Eat a hot dog at the park. When was the last time you used a swing set?

Well, I know my list says top 10 but, hey, it’s summertime, there’s fun to be had. I’ll finish this list later!


About mandybroughton

I write mysteries and sci-fi for kids and adults. Give me a character and I'll find the best way to put her in a mystery. Or kill her off. Depends on my mood.

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