My Writing Life: Looking Back on 2015

by K.C. Maguire

writing memoriesAs the holiday season envelops us, I can’t help but think back over the year as I’m sure many of us do around now. Why wait until December 31 to reflect on 2015 when you can have a whole month of reveling in the good things about the year and rubbing your own nose in the failures?

What did I give to my writing life this year and what were its biggest rewards for me?

Well, I obviously didn’t become a best-selling author! Or sell any of my books to Hollywood!

What I did do was have a lot of fun with a lot of friends, including my fellow Space City Scribes who keep me focused when times are tough and who are doing some wonderful work of their own.

I continued learning about writing and was asked to teach my first creative writing class which was tons of fun.  I have to thank Rebecca Barnhouse again for letting me loose on her undergraduate fiction writing students last month!

I did my first solo book signing at a local bookstore (actually, it wasn’t strictly solo because I shared the stage with another wonderful local author, but it was solo in the sense that it was without my SCS buddies). The weather was horrible and hardly anyone showed up, but my son come along with me and passed out cookies to customers and we all had a blast.

I guess what I’m saying was that I did my best to find the fun in my writing, while trying to balance writing with family and my real job.

If writing isn’t about fun and friends, what is it about after all?


What are you most proud of in your writing life this year? Who made the most difference to you? What are your fondest writing-related memories from 2015?

One thought on “My Writing Life: Looking Back on 2015

  1. I’m really happy with a lot of things…finishing the Cattarina Mysteries series, co-authoring a book with Mandy Broughton, editing a lot of great manuscripts, and ghostwriting a couple of fun kid lit books. The only true “failure” of mine in 2015 was not being able to write faster. I “only” published 3 distinct works this year and 1 compilation. In indie terms, this is sloooooow. 🙂 I’m hoping 2016 will be my most productive year yet.

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