First Last Forever: A Collection of First Date Disasters



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Love them or hate them, we’ve all had first dates. From the first blush of romance to the slamming of a door, nothing can capture—or repel—our hearts so fully. Do we swoon with desire? Hope for tenderness? Or does the first meeting shatter any chance of two souls connecting?

In , each story follows the passionate, sometimes accidental rendezvous between two people as they fight to overcome the one obstacle between them and happiness—the disastrous first date. Will they end with a promise, a parting, or a pledge? Read these stories to find out.
“Valentine’s Date”  by K. C. Maguire – Should we be friends?”
Salt to a Wound” by Mandy Broughton – First world dating problems
“Speed Freaks” by Monica Shaughnessy – Five minutes to find forever.
“Prima Facie” by Artemis Greenleaf –  Say no to drugs and yes to romance.
“Date from Hell”  by Monica Shaughnessy –  Karma has never been so sexy.
“A Soliloquy of Survival or First Dates Suck” by Ellen Leventhal –  Stalkers can be so hot.
“Dance”  by Artemis Greenleaf –  Killer dates come in small packages with excellent dance moves.
“Cassie” by Artemis Greenleaf –  High winds lead to high romance.
“In the Mood”  by Mandy Broughton –  Principal Charming experiments with thermodynamics
“Famine’s Daughter” by Artemis Greenleaf –  Never force a woman’s hand.
“Auld Lang Syne” by Ellen Leventhal –  Can we call a do-over?