Mandy Broughton


Mandy enjoys fencing competitively.

Mandy Broughton is a nerdy girl who loved school (M.A. in Clinical Psychology and M.A. in Christian Education). But as much as she loved school, she loves reading more. She usually has a book in her hand and two more in a bag. And she won’t buy a purse unless it has a special pocket for her kindle. She gravitates towards mysteries, science fiction and historical novels but the Bible is her passion.

For the record, while it is true she has spent more money on books than groceries, it only happened once. And due to the great invention of peanut butter sandwiches, her husband did not starve that month.

Follow her on Twitter @MandyBroughton. She talks all the time in 140 characters or less.

 Writing News: Cream Cape and the Case of the Missing Hamster


Case 1

Can Cece save Harriet the hamster in time?



The Case of the Flying Saucer: #2

9780989497527 copy


The Case of the Blue-Hair Heist: #3


What else is in store for 2015?

Historical Thriller.  Saddle up, amigos, we’ve got werewolfish-vampire creatures nipping at your toes. And they’re hungry for fresh flesh.


Quincey’s in a race against time to save his family. But the monsters are faster, smarter, and deadly.

Finally, don’t forget Mandy’s adult cozy, The Cat’s Last Meow. It’s got murder, mystery, mayhem, and A CAT!

What do you get when you take a grouchy cat, a miser, a lawyer, an accountant and three old ladies who travel in style? A recipe for murder.


Find all these books at your favorite retailer! Or

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