The Space City Scribes are available to present individually or as a group. Read on to learn more about each speaker and the types of programs offered.

Group Presentations: Our members’ diverse backgrounds enable us to lecture on a wide variety of topics. Last fall, the Space City Scribes put on a series of workshops for a local library, covering ‘Story Writing 101,’ traditional publishing and independent publishing. We’d be happy to speak to your group about writing technique, plotting, journaling, children’s books, and more during half and full-day programs.


Monica presenting at the library.

Monica Shaughnessy: A proudly independent author of ten titles (adult & children’s fiction), Monica loves to present to writers, big and small. Last fall, she spearheaded a three-Saturday library workshop for adults, orchestrating both speakers and subjects. She recently taught a full day creative writing program at the Health Museum to fifth and sixth graders as a part of the Academic Adventures GT program. This fall, she’ll be speaking at Houston Writers Guild’s Indiepalooza, delivering a lecture on “Adding Art To Your Words.” She has over a decade of writing experience under her belt, recently started her own developmental editing business, and ghost writes books for select clients. She also serves on the board of American Root, a non-profit organization that brings poetry and creative non-fiction lecturers to academic audiences. She is available to speak on a broad range of topics, including Plotting for Beginners, Creative Writing For Young Audiences, Is Indie Publishing For You?, Saving Your Story (When You Feel Like Throwing It Out), and other writerly subjects. To contact her, visit her website at http://www.monicashaughnessy.com or leave a comment on this page.

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