Laboring on Labor Day

by Monica Shaughnessy

It’s a three-day weekend, and you know what that means! Time to do all those nagging house projects that seem too time consuming for a “regular” weekend! So much for Labor Day, a day of rest and relaxation. But I’m not the only one tackling the ‘to-dos.’ By tomorrow morning, nearly a third of the curbs in my neighborhood will overflow with evidence of a labor-filled weekend: the BIG garage clean-up,the home office toss-athon, the game room declutter…you name it. Which means the garbage collectors will have LOTS of fun in a couple of days.

But this is a blessing, I suppose.

Back in 1886, when Labor Day first began, workers were at the mercy of cruel employers and brutal government tactics. One only has to read about the Pullman Strike to understand. These were dark times. And while some of you may argue that employers are still crooked (some are) and government tacts are still underhanded (some are), they are nothing like they used to be back in the “good old days.” The fact that we’re yearning to clean out our garages this weekend, shows how incredibly far we’ve come as a labor force.

So whether you’re doing this today:


Or this:


…just be glad you have the choice. Many of our ancestors didn’t.

Happy Labor Day!