The Thanksgiving Hold-Out

by Monica Shaughnessy

pumpkin-pie-1372787-mI love Thanksgiving. It’s the pause between sugar-fueled Halloween and credit card-fueled Christmas. But if retailers got their way, I think we’d skip right over it. The local radio station is already playing carols, half my neighbors have their trees up, and you can’t turn on the TV without seeing old St. Nick. As one of the last of the Thanksgiving Hold-Outs, I REFUSE to rush my seasons simply because retailers are in a hurry for us to buy, buy, BUY!

I get it. This year, Thanksgiving falls at the end of the month. This gives people less time to shop, decorate, etc. if they wait until the last gobble-gobble of Turkey Day. But as Americans, we don’t just rush through holidays, we rush through life. We’re always in a hurry to get to the Next Thing.

It starts when you’re a kid. You want to grow up and be a teenager. When you’re a teenager, you just want to go to college. When you’re in college, you long to graduate. Then you’re in a hurry to “settle down” (or avoid the altar!) and get a career. When your kids are born, you tell yourself, if I can just make it past their potty training or get them into kindergarten or junior high, then things will be grand. When they leave home, you’re just hoping and praying for retirement. In fact, the only stage of life or “thing” people don’t want to rush is death.

All we really have is a single moment on earth, this one right HERE. Your last one doesn’t exist anymore and your next one isn’t guaranteed. So why waste it? (And by the way, thanks for spending part of that moment on this blog!!!!)

As you’re heading into this holiday weekend, slow down a little. Enjoy your friends and family. Delight in the last few days of fall. Tell a story, say a prayer, make a connection. Take a deep, deeeeeeeep breath before Christmas and renew your energy. Thanksgiving comes but once a year.


I am thankful for many things, including you, dear readers. Have a great Thanksgiving!